Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mortgage rates in Inyo County California

Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinance Loan Inyo County California 

Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgages
30-Year Fixed (conforming)
20-Year Fixed (conforming)
15-Year Fixed (conforming)
10-Year Fixed (conforming)

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In this Article we shall focus on answering some common queries of Inyo CA mortgage borrowers:

Refinancing Property Listed for Sale earlier

Mortgage lenders face a variety of risk. Amongst those risk are Inflation risk. If the inflation increases beyond a certain point. The inflation will eat the earnings of the investor.

 Default risk, where if the borrower makes a default on the mortgage. The investor will lose money.
All these mortgages are sold to investors at a promise of certain earnings as mentioned in the NOTE. However if the borrower repays the entire mortgage early. The investor loses his income and most cases the investor can force the lender to buy back the loan.

So if a lender finds out that the property as listed in the market for sale and the mortgage borrower for whatever reason is seeking a refinance. The cost involved in refinancing and then selling the mortgage in the secondary market is a loss for the lender because such short term financing does not make sense for lender or even the investor. The investor may come back and ask the lender to buy back the loan and take the losses arising on his books.

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Artical by Roger Shanker

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