Thursday, October 5, 2017

SHASTA CA VA Loan.Compare Local Lenders For Mortgage Rates Today

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance SHASTA CA

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In this Article we shall focus on answering some common queries of Shasta CA mortgage borrowers:

What Is A VA Loan
Sierra CA mortgage borrowers who have either served in the military before or are still serving. They are eligible to get a VA loan that is backed by Department Of Veterans affair and can get a finance of up to 100% of home value that carries no mortgage insurance and no early prepayment penalty.

How Shasta CA mortgage borrower can get a VA Loan:

Depending upon which category of qualification you have as a VA there is a separate class of COE (Certificate of Eligibility)

Once you have obtained your COE a VA lender will approve your VA mortgage much the same way he does for any other mortgage borrower.

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30 yr fixed refi              3.807% APR                 3.775%Rate | At 0 pts

20 yr fixed refi              3.500%APR                  3.500% Rate | At 0 pts

15 yr fixed refi              3.044%APR                  3.000% Rate | At 0 pts

10 yr fixed refi              2.940%APR                  2.875% Rate | At 0 pts

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