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Mortgage Rates in Fresno CA

Fresno CA best refinance mortgage

Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgages
30-Year Fixed (conforming)
20-Year Fixed (conforming)
15-Year Fixed (conforming)
10-Year Fixed (conforming)

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In this Article we shall focus on answering some common queries of Fresno CA mortgage borrowers:

Should i over pay my mortgage:

Over paying wins but is not for everyone.
With Feds signalling another rate hike this October 2017. Your property prices would be increasing. With interest on CD and other investment almost negligible and you may not be a stock expert. You are an average borrower who has a fair understanding of the housing price in the neighbourhood. The most sensible thing to do is to over pay towards the mortgage. The entire amount is going towards reducing your mortgage balance as no part of the sum gets applied towards the interest. Your home value is appreciating much faster than your savings in the bank.

If you've other, expensive debts, clear 'em first
It is advisable that if you have other debts you should first get rid of those or at least bring them down to an amount that is very low. It then makes sense to start over paying on the mortgage. Rates on any other kin d of loan is higher than your mortgage. So its better to reduce them first.

Ensure you have sufficient emergency funds

Make sure you keep enough emergency fund. Dont put whatever extra savings you have on the mortgage. Keep some for your emergency fund as well.

Remortgaging? Overpaying could mean you save twice over...

When you over pay towards your mortgage. The effect is that you are reducing your Loan To Value ratio much faster. When that happens. As you apply for refinancing. You qualify for even lower rate of interest.

LTV or Loan To Value means the size of the borrowing compared to your home value

Isnt Paying off the mortgage investing in property market anyways:

No Buying a home is investing in the property market. When you repay your mortgage that is paying off your debt. While the two may be part of the same act. They are two entirely different things. Paying off your mortgage quickly by over paying doesn’t mean that the property value to your home will go up or down. Repaying faster is not altering state of the investment.

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